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Due Diligence Module

With our easy to use Property Data Scraper get property info and location in bulk. Disregard quickly properties that do not meet your investment criteria. Up to 60 per search. 180 per day.

Finished sq/ft
Estimated Low value
Estimated High value
Last Sold Year
Price Sold Price
Tax Assessment Year
Contact Realtors in the Area
Tax Assessment Amount
Type of House
Year Built
Lot sq/ft
Crime Data of the Area
Rental Rate Value
Google Maps View

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City population
Historical and current population growth
Bankruptcy records of borrowers.
County Business Patterns and
Nonemployee Statistics

Entrepreneur County Statistics
County Migration Flow
Business Dynamic Statistics
County Business Patterns
and Nonemployer

Population data by sex, age.
Housing occupancy, vacancy, tenure.
Economic indicators (Construction, housing,
international trade, retail, wholesale trade,
services, manufacturing and more)

Language Statistics
Population estimate and projections
Poverty statistics
Workforce indicators (employment,
job creation/destruction, earnings)

Second State Due Diligence Reports 

Property Detail


Owner Information
Detailed location Information
Last Transfer / Coneyance - Current Owner
Last Market Sale
Prior Sale information
Property Characteristics
Site Information

Total View


Owner Information
Value Range
Last Market Sale
Current Listing Status
Active Foreclosure Status
Association Information
Ownership History (Full Value Transfers) - All Owners
Property Detail (Public Record)
Open Liens (Current Owner)
Involuntary Liens (Current Owner)
Prior Loan History (Current Owner)
Transfers and Conveyances - Current Owner
Tax Status
Assessment Details
Listing History
Comparables and Nearby Listings
Market Trends

Transaction History


Current owner
-- Vesting
-- Liens
-- Conveyances

Prior Owners
-- Vesting
-- Liens
-- Conveyances

Open Lien


Owner Information
Property Characteristics
Open Liens And Position
Last Market Transfer
Tax Information

Title Chain


Search Start Date
Start Date
Search End Date:
End Date:
Document #
Doc Ref.
Liens, Filings and Judgments

Sales Comparables


Subject Property
Property Details
Comprable Property Summary (Subject, Low Average, High)
Comparables ( Address, Sold, Sold For,
Listed ,Listed At,
Sq. Ft. , $ / Sq. Ft. ,
Bds / Bths, Lot Size, Age)

Tax Status Report


Tax Authority
Year to date taxes
Assessment Details



Owner Information
Location Information
Property Characteristics
Site Information
Latest Foreclosure Activity
-- Type:
-- Notice Of Default Recording Date:
-- Recording Date:
-- Filing Date:
-- Default Date: 0
-- Default Amount:
-- Unpaid Balance:
-- Auction Date:
-- Auction Location:
-- Auction City:
-- Borrower:
-- Trustee / Attorney:
-- Title Company:

Foreclosure Activity
-- Type
-- Date
-- Doc #
-- Orig . Doc #
-- Orig. Rec Date
-- Unpaid Balance
-- Lender

Document Images


Last Transfer Report
Last Finance Report

Portfolio Management Systems

a. Dashboard with an overview of:

Total Investor Investment
Total Invested (Investor + Rolled Profits)
Avg Mths Invested
ROI (Lender Investment)
Total ROI (Lender + Rolled Profits)
Annualized ROI
Active Notes
Closed Notes

b. Admin Functions:

Managers for your team
Create Investor user access
Create JV’s
Create assets

c. Financial Functions:

Create Investor Deposit/Withdraw
Create New Asset Income and expense
General Ledger

d. Reports:

Investors report (Statements- JV Groups- Assets- Amount loaned- Profit- ROI)
JV Reports (Assets- JV ID- Date- Loaned Amt- % Owned- Revenue- Profit- ROI to Date- Annualized- Active Assets- Investors)
Assets reports (JV ID- Asset ID- Asset photo- Status- Address- Document- Loaned Amt- Owned- Revenue- Expenses- Profit)
Cashflow Report (Choose by: Asset, Investor, Date , Income / Expense / Asset / Reverse- Overview : Currently Loaned - Cashflow to Date- JV ID- Asset ID- Amt- Date- Transaction- Memo)

NoteProz Premium 

Noteproz Premium


Access Both Due Diligence and Asset Management Modules
Perform Your Due Diligence In Minutes Not Days
Generate Accurate Data For Better Decision Making
Implement a Scalable System to Your Business
Premium Phone and Email Support

    Bundle Web Presence

    Implement Digital Transformation  


    Noteproz Premium Free Account 
    Professional Website Development or Redesign
    Google Search Console Set up + Site Map Submission
    Bing Search Console + Sitemap Submission
    Facebook Business Page Creation + Custom Set up
    Linkedin Business Page Set Up
    3 Company Emails Assistance Set up
    Mailchimp integration
    Google My Business Set Up
    Bing Business Set Up
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      Bundle Aggressive  

      Implement Digital Transformation Aggressively 


      Noteproz Premium Access 
      Professional Website Development or Redesign
      Google Analytics Set up
      Google Analytics Goals Set up
      Facebook Messenger Website integration - Best Lead Gen Tool for Websites!
      Facebook Campaigns Management for Lead Gen
      Google Search Console Set up + Site Map Submission
      Bing Search Console + Sitemap Submission
      Facebook Business Page Creation + Custom Set up
      On Page Website SEO Set Up
      3 Company Emails Assistance Set up
      Animated Logo Intro Creation for Videos
      Weekly Facebook Posts
      Weekly Instagram Posts
      Weekly LinkedIn Posts
      Weekly Webtalk Posts 
      Google My Business Set Up
      Bing Business Set Up
      Mailchimp or CRM Website Integration
      Facebook Pixel Installation (Create an audience)
      Facebook Ad Campaign Management
      All the Digital and IT Support you need for your Business
      1 Newsletter Per Month
      Dedicated agent
      You will have a dedicated agent to your account in charhe of all of your bundle deliverabes and Asset Manager updates.
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        Save over $700 with Aggressive Annual Plan